Black Hills Lodging, Cabins, Peaceful trails near Mount Rushmore
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Hospitality at Mount Rushmore
After a trip to nearby Mount Rushmore you can
enjoy a stay in our wonderful cabins.

Reserve your own Cabin at Mount Rushmore

Limited time offer! Bike week in Sturgis is (officially) August 8th - 14th, 2016. Book your Sturgis bike week stay for $600 total! (book a room or cabin for 5,6,7,8 or up to 9 nights during the period around August 8th - 14th, 2016 (76th Annual Sturgis Rally), the total charge is only $600) Call Dee now at 605-666-4854, she loves the rally-goers! First call, first served! That's right, lodging for $600 per room or cabin for the whole rally!Beat the sky-high lodging charges elsewhere!

Property includes hiking trails, large meadow with Battle Creek mountain stream with pure water and trout-fishing, gold panning, etc.  Beautiful birds-eye view of Mount Rushmore fireworks displays, 1880 train, Mt. Baldy, profile of Rushmore faces. Walking distance to all Keystone shopping. More info soon; for now visit

More about panning for gold in the Battle Creek stream

Remember that gold is dense and heavy. Look for places where the stream current slows, and where Black Hills gold might settle out. The gold is likely hiding in the bottom. Panning is a process of elimination. Fill your pan with gravel from the stream, and submerge it. Swish the gravel around, so the pine needles, sticks and other material float away. Rinse and pitch all rocks larger than in inch in diameter, letting the mud & grit from them fall into your pan. Hold the pan level and vigorously shake it from side to side. The gold will sift to the bottom. Tilt the pan about thirty degrees so water flows in. Continue this process until you are down to about 2 tablespoons of dark, fine dirt. This is the “paydirt” in which any gold will be found. Good luck!